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Cheap Ways to Take Care of Your Vagina


There is nothing more precious to a woman than her vagina. This is probably the reason why women do everything to keep their vagina clean. Moreover, failure to keep it clean will leave it prone to a variety of diseases that can be very disturbing. After all, No lady wants to go through a disease of the vagina. Furthermore, issues that pertain to the vagina can greatly affect one’s self-esteem.


Many women think that taking good care of their vagina is always expensive. This is because what comes to their mind is investing in expensive treatments. What they fail to realize that many there are many cheap ways to take care of their vagina. Below are some of the cheap ways that one can use to take care of their vagina. On a different note, one can visit the official site of Fooyoh since this website that has all the information in terms of taking care of vagina.


Always Wear Cotton Underwear

This is one of the main ways that you can always use to keep your vagina healthy. Many women just buy their underpants without considering the material used to manufacture it. It is important to wear one that can absorb moisture. That is why most of the ladies underwear comes with a thin strip of cotton at the center. It is also advisable to at times stay free especially when you are sleeping.

Keep the Vagina Clean

It is basic when it comes to keeping clean. However, it is important to know that keeping your vagina clean requires more consistency. In addition, many ladies do not know that washing their vagina with scented soaps affects the hormonal balance of their vaginas. It is therefore advisable to clean it thoroughly with plain water. Always remember to wipe it from the front to the back. It is also imperative to wash your vagina well after sex.

Eat a Balanced Diet

DIETThe food you eat also have a great effect on the well-being of your vagina. Many think that diet has nothing to do with their vaginal health. It is worth noting that eating a balanced diet will have a positive effect on your vaginal health. Always eat a lot of fruits to keep your vagina free from infections.

Exercise Regularly

Working out regularly is also another cheap way of keeping your vagina healthy. Various exercises are very useful to your vagina since they help to keep them healthy. Exercises such as Kegel exercises greatly help in keeping the pelvic floor healthy.

Use a Condom

Using a condom is also another fundamental way of taking care of your vagina. Many people nowadays are participating in unsafe sex. This greatly increases their chances of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, Condoms are an excellent way through which one can prevent themselves from diseases. According to research, a condom helps in maintaining the pH of the vagina, increasing the survival chances of the lactobacilli bacteria.